Our Story

Sometimes, you find yourself in a pickle!

At the end of 2017, my husband’s business partner, of over 3 years, emptied their accounts, left the country, and never came back. He was devastated and didn’t know what to do.  For many years he was used to traveling each week. Now he was stuck at home. To help fill his time, while he looked for another job, I bought him a few books to read.

Two books caught his interest: one on pickling and another on creating your own salsa.

He always had a passion for cooking and began experimenting with different recipes. On the weekend, it became a family affair. We loved having him home and enjoyed all the delicious meals. One night we were making hot dogs and didn’t have any dill relish. My husband started chopping up some pickles and mixed them with onions, jalapenos, and some seasoning. It was amazing! That started him on a new project. The next weekend he added more ingredients to our creation. We had something new to add to our meals and we loved the unique taste it brought to so many things.

We gave our pickle salsa out as gifts for friends and family to try. They all loved it, so we shared it with more people. Everyone LOVED it and told us we should sell it. The love kept growing and took on a life of its own.

We knew we stumbled upon something BIG!

We decided to jump head first into the brine and began making PickleSmash in 3 varieties.

We started setting up office samplings, selling our salsa online, and partnering with as many retail stores as we could.

PickleSmash was extremely popular at the 2018 Texas State Fair where we sampled and became the #1 top-selling first-year product ever sold in the Go Texan General Store. We have been very successful at multiple retail store samplings and cultural events throughout Texas. Our unique salsa was also tremendously popular at the 2019 Mansfield Pickle Palooza & Parade and Rodeo Austin’s HEB Taste of Texas.

The recurring comments we hear are: “Wow! My two favorite things: pickles & salsa”, “I’ve never heard of pickle salsa, sure I’ll try it”, and “That’s not what I was expecting, it’s so good!”.

Our whole family loves interacting with the public and sharing the joy they experience when they taste the uniquely perfect explosion of flavor, we serve them.

We are taking pickles to the Next Jar Level! PickleSmash is the first dippable pickle. It’s the only pickle you’ve never had in your fridge.

We’ve created a unique product that delivers a zesty and satisfying full mouth experience. Our salsa goes great on tamales, burgers, hot dogs, salad, ramen noodles, chicken, beef, pork, or even right out of the jar with a spoon; kids love it too!

PickleSmash can be used as a salsa, relish, dressing, or marinade. Every time we interact with a new customer, they give us ideas for ways they would use our product.

Now there’s only one question. How will YOU use PickleSmash to take YOUR food to the Next Level?

-Liz White, Co-Founder/CEO